‘journey by water, route, way, expedient’



以下原文摘自Rachel Pollack的 Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom(78度的智慧)。



A strange and powerful image, this card more than any other illustrates how Pamela Smith’s images reach beyond Arthur Waite’s formulas. The Pictorial Key says ‘journey by water, route, way, expedient’. But the picture of a ferryboat at twilight, carrying shrouded figures to a wooded isle, suggests a more spiritual journey – in myth, Charon carrying the dead across the River Styx. A great silence fills this card, like the silence of Salvador Dali’s paintings.

這張牌奇特而有力的圖像,比起其他牌,更能凸顯潘蜜拉史密斯繪製的圖像,是如何超越亞瑟偉特的公式。「偉特金鑰」一書提到:「journey by water, route, way, expedient」。然而,薄暮中(或是「曙光中」?依照下文,似乎翻成薄暮中符合。)的渡船,載著披覆壽衣的人前往林木茂盛的小島,似乎提示一段更靈性的旅程:神話中的Charon載著死者渡過Styx河。這張牌充滿了巨大的沈默,有如薩爾瓦多˙達利的畫作。

Usually this card does not signify death, though it can indicate mourning; nor does it show transformation, in the sense of Death in the Major Arcana. Rather it depicts a quiet passage through a difficult time. Waite says, ‘The freight is light’; and Eden Gray writes, ‘The swords do not weigh down the boat’. Though we carry our troubles with us we have adapted to them; they will not sink us or bear us down. On a simple level it means functioning in some difficult situation without attacking the problems. It can refer to an immediate problem or a situation that has gone on for years. Looking deeper we see the image of a long sorrow – mourning is an example, but not the only one – which a person has felt for so long that it no longer gives pain, but has become part of life.


There is another, less disturbing meaning – that of a quiet passage, physically (certainly the literal meaning of a journey must not be forgotten) or spiritually, a time of easy transition. Notice the ferryman’s black pole. Black indicates potentiality; where nothing final has happened, all things remain possible. By staying calm we wasted neither energy nor opportunity.


The Six of Swords is a Gate. Looking at it with sensitivity and then entering the picture will produce first a quieting effect on the mind and then later, slowly, a sense of movement within the self.




Seen in one way the balance and peace become disturbed; the passage in no longer serene for the water, symbol of emotion, becomes stirred up. So the reversed card can suggest a stormy journey, physically or spiritually. It can refer also to the idea that when we try to attack some longstanding problem, especially one accepted by everyone else, we agitate the situation. As one example, and unsatisfying or oppressive relationship can go quietly along for years until one of the members decides to do something about it. To try to remove the swords from the boat can sink it, for the swords, after all, are plugging up the holes.


In another way, the Six reversed can show communication, reminding us that right side up the people maintain their composure by not speaking or looking at each other. If the swords symbolize unhappy memories and the silence is a defence then communication can be painful. It can aloes begin healing.

另一方面來看,寶劍六逆位,可能表示溝通。正位時,所有的人既不互相交談、也不互相注視,藉此保持鎮定。如果寶劍象徵不快樂的回憶、沈默象徵防衛,那麼溝通就可能帶來痛苦。逆位牌 (?It) 也可能是療癒的開始。

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